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Maya the Bee is not just an animated series, it is a brand. Several generations have grown up with it since childhood and now a new 3D production is being made and launched in 2012 and which has received the backing of the most important television channels in Europe.

With 15 years of history in Spain and more than 40 in Japan, Doraemon consolidates as a timeless property with the capacity of connect with a wide audience. Doraemon is a brand that likes and is shared by both boys and girls on the same level. Consolidated as a classic gets strenght as an adult icon too.

The series, Dora the Explorer in English, was first released on Nick Jr. block from Nickelodeon channel on 2000. Spanish dubbed version was first released in the Nick block from Telemundo channel. Now it's being issued by La 1 and Clan channels among others.

Sesame Street is the child's educational program with more prestige worldwide. With this production, which is being broadcasted and has been during more than 40 seasons since 1969, have been educated and entertained more than 3 generations all over the world. It has becomed the most watched children's television series in the history.

Baby Looney Tunes was first released in United States on 1993. On 2002 they started their own TV series. It shows the adventures of Bugs, Tweety, Porky, Sylvester, Daffy, Taz and other Looney Tunes characters when they were babies and were living at grandma's home.